Forecasting - Replenishment - Spares - Innovative and Effective!
Decision Associates, Inc. (DAI) was conceived through client experience and developed through hard work and keen insight in working with a wide variety of client operations.  DAI was not created as the result of government assistance or intervention.  Our staff of experienced professionals have worked hard to create and expand our software products and consulting practices.  Our expertise and software products have been implemented for over 25 years in corporations across the globe.  As you would expect for any reputable corporation - we built it! 

Decision Associates, Inc. (DAI) offers cutting-edge solutions to a wide variety of Inventory Management problems. Our software is used by some of the world's leading companies to address database integrity, forecasting, replenishment planning and spares management. DAI knows how to provide complimentary software to make your Stock Status system much more effective than you ever imagined.  Whether your inventory deals with distribution, manufacturing or maintenance, DAI has the right answer for you:
  • Stock Management System (SMS)
  • Description Management System (DMS)
  • MIN Management System (MMS)
  • Strategic Consulting Expertise
With an international client base and staffing in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, we have a substantial support network. Through use of the internet - and with the technically concise nature of our products - we provide comprehensive software that is easy to implement and understand.  DAI puts "management" back into inventory management!!